Jordan King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Center
U.S. and Jordanian special operations personnel practice taking down an aircraft at the King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Center.

The King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Center, or KASOTC, is one of the most sophisticated training facilities in the world.

Situated in a former rock quarry, which provides a backstop for firing in much of the facility, the 25-square-kilometer facility offers an array of training areas. These include a 1,300-meter, unknown-distance sniper training area and a 300-meter moving target range that can be configured for different scenarios, including vehicle ambushes and counter-ambushes.

A four-story, live-fire, CQB facility allows a range of hostage rescue or building takedowns to be practiced. There is also a mock village with 67 buildings from an “embassy” to an Afghan village. At the facility’s “airport” there are aircraft that allow for training on tubular assaults.

Linking the various facilities are sophisticated video and sound systems. On ranges, various simulators offer ever-changing scenarios covered by CCTV that allow operations to be later critiqued. Battlefield special effects can act as “stressers” in various facilities.

Instructors and students are drawn from all over the world, allowing a great chance to learn from other special operators. In addition to the training areas, the King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Center provides lodging and dining on site, as well as weapons storage, a gym and a pro shop.

Some friends of mine who have been call it one of the best special operations training facilities in the world—many say the best!

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