In this video, Northern Red Training instructor Zack Harrison explains the importance of opposition in the company’s advanced close-quarters battle (CQB) training.

Unlike most training scenarios at other schools, where targets are paper backers, not armed combatants, Northern Red stresses the use of opposition via shooters armed with Simunition rounds to test the validity of a team’s tactics as well as build confidence.

In addition to testing a team’s close-quarters tactics, techniques and procedures, the opposition also provides insight into how a team’s individual members will react under the unique form of stress that getting “shot” creates. Each Simunition round causes a painful reminder that is hard to forget. Many times, the stress of an armed opposition on a team will result in changes in tactics and leadership.

Ultimately, what Northern Red wants to see in its students after the simulated armed encounters is the realistic confidence that their tactics work, so teams can function effectively and prevail in a gunfight in any sort of close-quarters structure.

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