Safer Faster Knife Defense Course
Safer Faster Knife Defense Course

As a firearms instructor, I recognize that simply knowing how a gun works and carrying one with you is not proper preparation for using it in a real self-defense situation. This applies exponentially to knife defense. I was lucky enough to meet up for some knife defense training in Los Angeles, California (where I can’t carry a gun) with Alessandro Padovani, a life-long martial artist, personal-defense instructor and founder of Safer Faster Defense.

There are five distinct Faster Safer Knife Defense courses available for civilians and military/law enforcement in basic one day class taught in cities around country—Safer Faster Knife Defense Fundamentals, Extreme Close Quarter Knife Defense, Defending Against Multiple Assailants, Fight Back Up to Standing and Defending Against a Gun Grab. A comprehensive 16 hour two day course covers all of the topics.

Padovani starts with the basics, the draw. “I emphasize training the knife-draw under stress, and integrate empty hand skills, to allow you to fight off the attacker long enough to be able to access your knife. If you fumble your draw, drop the knife, or are unable to open it quickly, you lose precious time and the rest of your repertoire may be of no use. The draw is essential to your success and should be treated as such in training by devoting enough time and resources to become proficient with it,” said Padovani.

The training is based on spontaneity, not on rehearsed moves or sequences. In a real world encounter the threat occurs dynamically and unpredictably. “There is no point in practicing sparring moves with an ebb and flow. You have to train to react and press your advantage until the threat is stopped,” Padovani told me. To learn more about this and other classes taught by Safer Faster Defense and for a course schedule please visit

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