Grey Ghost Specter Heavy Rifle Semi-Autos
Grey Ghost Precision worked with Mega Arms and received feedback from several warriors, instructors and competition shooters to create the Specter Light and Heavy (shown) rifles.

As the world moves forward into the future, a general evolution takes place. Improvements in technology are a staple in a developing world. This evolution in technology has found its way into the firearms world as well, and more specifically the law enforcement gun world.

As manufacturing processes have improved, there has been a migration of LE agencies away from bolt-style rifles to gas-operated semi-autos. Precision shooting was once the sole realm of the bolt gun, but modern semi-autos have made a serious challenge to that title. In essence, they offer precision, as well as more firepower and rapid-fire capabilities.

Rifles like the Grey Ghost Precision Specter Heavy and the LaRue Tactical OBR have improved many LE marksmen’s abilities to better perform their duties. In the hands of an expert shooter, a bolt gun can be run very quickly. But even these shooters would be hard pressed to keep up with an expert semi-auto shooter, however.

Bolt guns will forever have a place in the precision arena, but they have certainly had to make room for their cousins: The semi-autos!

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