Gunsite Academy skill build L15 Patrol
Skill-Build at the Gunsite Academy


Why take the Lancer L15 Patrol to Gunsite Academy for evaluation? Jeff Cooper, a retired Marine officer, shooting competitor and trainer, founded Gunsite Academy as the American Pistol Institute in 1976. But Cooper was also a student of firearms and their practical use. He wanted to develop techniques that maximized their effectiveness in self-defense, so he studied the techniques used by competitors to find what worked and what didn’t. Eventually he developed the “Modern Technique of the Pistol,” which is the basis for all tactical and competitive handgun use today.

ELITE TRAINING: Just as pistol techniques have developed and evolved, so has Gunsite Academy. After beginning with pistol courses, classes on handling rifles and carbines were developed. As the school grew, more instructors were added, most with military or law enforcement experience. They all meet the high standards required to teach gun handling to a wide variety of students, from those who have never held a gun before to experienced shooters and high-level operators who belong to elite military units. Although the military instructs personnel in the use of firearms, some units bring their personnel to Gunsite for specialized training.

Manufacturers recognize the benefits of testing at Gunsite and often bring new guns there, where the staff tests them at short and long range and in shoothouses where close-quarter combatives can be evaluated. Classes are open for citizens in good standing.

For more information, visit or call 928-636-4565.

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