In a world where you can’t get customer service on the damn phone, Steyr Arms is taking a different approach and bringing its customer service to the next level. With its Steyr Elite Experience, the manufacturer is giving customers a chance to receive world-class shooting instruction at a world-class shooting academy … for FREE! No, that’s not a misprint. And it’s not a gimmick. It’s real.

Steyr wants its customers to get the most out of its bolt-action guns, namely the sub-MOA accuracy, so the manufacturer is pairing its customers with its shooting instructors to learn the mechanics of long-range precision shooting. And it’s all included with the purchase of a Steyr rifle.

What Exactly Is the Steyr Elite Experience?

The Steyr Elite Experience is the brainchild of Steyr USA CEO Scott O’Brien, and built upon what the company calls a “foundation of four pillars of performance.” Those pillars include a limited lifetime warranty, sub-MOA guarantee on bolt-action rifles, world-class training and elite VIP privileges.

The manufacturer describes the Elite Experience as a shift in the consumer experience. Instead of ending at the cash register, it is just beginning. For every customer that purchases a centerfire rifle with an MSRP more than $1,250 in 2019, the Steyr Elite Experience awaits.

Above all, the package includes a two-day training course, hosted by world-class trainers, as part of the Steyr Arms Academy. There are several different courses to choose from. Courses include Precision Rifle, AUG Carbine, Scout Rifle, Precision Hunter and a course for HS .50/.460. Additionally, all courses take place at the impressive CMP Talladega Marksmanship Park.

“Our limited lifetime warranty and our long-standing sub-MOA guarantee aren’t really anything new to the industry,” O’Brien said. “But our complimentary training is what truly sets us apart. This training gives you the confidence in your abilities and will assure you that you made the best purchase of the most accurate and reliable firearms ever made.”

Steyr Arms compares the Elite Experience to a concierge-based approach. Steyr breaks new ground combining top-tier training, accuracy guarantees, VIP privileges and a warranty into a full-service approach. The company claims this combination of promotion and proofing of its products will let everyone “know the Steyr difference.”

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