Sponsored by Crimson Trace, Blade-Tech Holsters, Steyr Arms and several other companies, Lights, Sights and Lasers is a free firearms training course for any law enforcement or military personnel, and it’s being hosted at several locations across the U.S. this year. The course is taught by Wes Doss of Kyber Training, a world-class instructor. Having spent 20 plus years as both a soldier and police officer, Doss is one of the most experienced law enforcement trainers in the industry. I recently attended this class in Richland, Washington, to see just how good this training truly was.

With 80 percent of officer-involved shootings occurring in low-light conditions, this training is invaluable. Many agencies continue to neglect low-light training, leaving officers in the lurch when it comes to this need. The Lights, Sights and Lasers course provides advanced training at close range using a handheld or weapon-mounted light. As the name implies, they also cover using lasers, and Crimson Trace provided a couple of Lasergrips so officers could give them a try.

Steyr was kind enough to provide me a new L9-A1, while Blade-Tech provided a complete duty rig to hold it. I also used SureFire’s X400 Ultra light along with Trijicon night sights and Black Hills ammunition. The classroom portion was focused on real-world application, and Doss’ experience was evident. Drills on the range were practical, well run, smooth and concise. All of the information was provided in a professional, easy-to-follow way. The course was also a ton of fun!

Local police officers, agents and several Coast Guard maritime officers attended this particular class. The training covered many topics, including shooting with one hand while holding a light in the other, drawing, reloading, and moving under stress. A shoot-off at the end netted the winner a prize package worth close to $2,000. There was also a demonstration of the AR-GAT (Glass Assault Tool) from XS Sight Systems, which is designed to easily and safely break glass of any kind.

This is an excellent class.

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