Glock 2016 Tori Nonaka
Always the pro, Tori spends time practicing the fundamentals, including her grip, stance and sight alignment, before every match.

One of the goals this year for Team Glock and Tori Nonaka was winning the tough USPSA National Ladies Championship in Frostproof, Fla., for the third consecutive time. This event is widely considered to be the one of the toughest and most grueling shooting competitions in the country because it is heavily based not only on speed but accuracy to gain the necessary points to win.

To fully prepare for the very competitive match, Shane and Tori adjusted their training drills all year to fully prepare.

In the early morning heat and late afternoon rain in Frostproof, Shane Coley and Tori Nonaka competed in 42 courses of fire in the 2015 USPSA Back to Back Handgun Nationals from Oct. 4 to 10.

Team Glock’s focus on accuracy paid off this year, as Tori became the youngest woman ever to capture three consecutive USPSA National Ladies Championship wins after completing her final stage of the match. She also secured the win at the Oct. 16, 2015, USPSA Limited 10 National Ladies Championship, the third one of her career since being with Team Glock.

A beaming Tori said, “I have to thank my family for their support through all of these years of travel and competition. Also to Glock for always believing in me and making my dreams come true this 2015 shooting season.”

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