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Rob Leatham is one of the most well-respected professional shooters on the planet, and for good reason.

Leatham is a 24-time USPSA National champion and seven-time International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) World Champion.

He routinely posts blogs on chock-full of tactical advice to improve shooting in every way possible.

Recently, Leatham posted six tips to improve trigger control when firing. Check out some of his tips below.

1. The Right Grip

If your firearm is too large, your hand can’t exert the proper force to pull the trigger.

Similarly, if you grip the firearm in the wrong way, you’re not using your arm and hand muscles to their full potential.

Make sure your firearm is well suited to your grip.

2. Isolate the Trigger Finger 

Your index finger is used for the express purpose of pulling the trigger.

When I am ready to shoot, I concentrate on only moving my trigger finger.

In other words, isolate the trigger finger’s movement from the rest of your hand so as to not interrupt the sight picture.

3. Practice Dry Fire 

“Dry Firing” is an excellent way to practice and perfect your trigger pull away from the range. Without the recoil and noise resulting from live fire, you can observe any movement of the gun.  It’s easy and convenient and saves on expensive ammo.

Though dry fire is not a replacement for live fire, I do it regularly. Without having to worry about recoil, you can focus on your grip and perfect how you pull the trigger. Regardless of whether ammo is being used, remember to always follow the firearm safety rules.

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