While there are lots of reputable firearms experts and trainers around the United States, one of the best in my experience is Travis Haley of Haley Strategic. Haley is a passionate teacher who truly believes in what he does, and it shows. Rather than spitting out doctrine or decrying other methods, he shares what he has learned and how he learned it. He loves what he does, believes in it and, above all, lives it. I recently attended the latest version of Haley Strategic’s Disruptive Science D5 Carbine class, which provided a number of learning opportunities.

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Just a few months ago, I fired the 10,000th round through my IWI Tavor SAR, and this class provided the perfect opportunity to put it through its paces in what will be its final configuration. The final piece of the puzzle was adding a TAV-D trigger from ShootingSight. Designed with reliability in mind, it is a crisp two-stage unit built to be rugged and reliable with any ammunition and under all conditions, and it certainly proved itself during the Disruptive Science D5 Carbine class. The course had us running our carbines from 50 to 600 yards.

Haley incorporates not only the skills required for optimum gun handling, but also fitness and the science of biomechanics. This course involves classroom discussions, but at the range, there’s a strong emphasis on zeroing your rifle and testing it out to longer ranges—along with some really fast shooting. We covered several shooting positions, including lying on our backs and prone, shooting on the move and under stress, ultra-fast reloads and much more. Take a quick look at my video of some of the training. If you are looking for something just a bit different, with a ton of information, practical shooting and fun, make sure you check out Haley Strategic.

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