Saginaw Drug raid
17 Arrested After Saginaw Police Raid Nets Guns, Drugs

A seven-month investigation resulted in the arrest of 17 suspects and the seizure of multiple guns and drugs in Saginaw, Mich., on Tuesday.

More than 100 state, federal and local officers took part in the raid, which involved “search warrants at 15 locations,” according to MLive.

The operation started about dawn on Tuesday, July 29, at locations largely on Saginaw’s East Side and resulted in the seizure of 23 firearms, a half pound of marijuana, 500 grams of powder cocaine, more than 70 grams of crack cocaine, as well as a vehicle and several other items, the Bay Area Narcotics Enforcement Team reports based on preliminary totals.

The investigation began in January and the Saginaw County Prosecutor’s Office authorized 26 arrest warrants, with a total cash bond of more than $16 million.

“Whenever you can get the amount of drugs we got and the amount of guns, it’s always a help,” BAYANET Lt. Marvin Jenkins told MLive. “For shootings to take place, bad guys need weapons. Whenever you take them off the streets, you’re making life better.”

Arraignments are currently pending, MLive reported.

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