Maybe the virus came from the west or from Northeast of Philly, we really don’t know. Please Stand with us and fight off the Zombie hordes and bring the Mayhem In The Mountains to an End. Join the Zombie Response Team August 7th 2010. Don’t Get Bit!!

Stage 1
You arrive to discover it’s SHTF day,
you’ll need to kick some doors in
to survive. (Pistol/Shotgun)

Stage 2
You’ll run the Gauntlet looking for ammo,
a better gun, and someone to watch your
back. (Pistol/Shotgun/Rifle)

Stage 3
You’ll search and check for survivors in the
Shoot House of Horrors. (Full auto Airsoft)

Stage 4
Stop the Zombie Blitz in their tracks as they
crest the mountain top. (Semi-Rifle)

Stage 5
You’re not afraid anymore and cocky too, bring
your favorite Melee weapon for hand to Zombie combat.
(melee weapons subject to safety approval by RSO)


Hallstead Great Bend Rod & Gun Club
3340 Dubois St, Hallstead PA 18822

**Only 60 Positions Available**

***Registration Opens May 1st***
$80 per Shooter

Event T-Shirt and Prize Included

Bring with you:

Semi Rifle – 180 rounds 3 mags

Pistol – 50 rounds 2 mags

Shotgun – 40 rounds (7 or smaller)

Airsoft – Provided

Melee – Weapons Provided

(Centerfire Rifle & Pistol Only)

**NO Rimfire, NO Full Auto, NO .50 cal**

Sanctioned Event
Food & Beverages available for purchase
Contact person: Phil Leary, [email protected]

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Maybe the virus came from the west or from Northeast of Philly, we really…