2015 Glock America Workshop Uruguay
Shooters and armorers from Central and South America come together for elite Glock training.

In 2013, during the international Armorer’s Course Certification (ACC) in Austria, all of Glock’s armorer instructors came together in order to establish the new protocol for the international formation of armorers. The people at Glock America S.A. then started preparing and organizing what was going to be the fifth Glock America Workshop to be held in Uruguay, our headquarters, in September of 2015.

The idea was to centralize the formation and logistics of the Armorer’s Course and Workshop in one place. Glock America S.A. services the regions of South America, the Caribbean and Central America.

The Crew: Glock has a small crew in Uruguay, but it’s very effective and dynamic, and for this international event, Glock was fully supported by its country’s armed forces (Ministry of Defense) and law enforcement forces (Ministry of the Interior). Both use 9×19 G17s, G19s and G26s. The Ministry of Interior also sent representatives of the special units from Uruguay—the Guardia Republicana, GEO and Coraceros—who also use Glocks.

The Place: Glock chose the Shooting Range, which belongs to the Weapons Collectors of Uruguay (AUCAM), because of its great facilities and location. It is only 20 minutes away from the center of Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay. The Shooting Range offers 50- and 100-meter shooting areas, and Glock built seven different IPSC shooting stages—two to be used by our Team GLOCK captain and the others to be used by the armorers.

The Plan: Next, Glock decided to invite members of the military and law enforcement from Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Panama, Costa Rica, Suriname, Curacao, Mexico, Saint Lucia and Jamaica. The plan was to train the military and police armorers from these countries. Glock also invited representatives from different countries belonging to the Glock America S.A. region in order to provide them with an Armorer’s Course and Workshop.

Event Rundown

On the first day, Glock held its military Armorer’s Course for the armed forces personnel from 10 different countries—60 in total. Everything went smoothly, and at the end of the day, Glock instructors gave a demonstration showing off some truly fast and accurate shooting.

The second day Glock offered the Armorer’s Course for the 60 law enforcement personnel in attendance representing 12 different countries. Again, Glock had great results and the class ran smoothly. And, at the end of the day, Glock instructors offered a shooting demonstration and ran the police officers through several drills.

The third day, Glock offered the Workshop for Glock shooters and those interested in the platform. While the Workshop was held in the same place, a totally different presentation was prepared to present the Glock distribution strategy and some details of our products.

The final day of the event was the IPSC match, which saw more than 190 shooters from Central and South American countries. Only 9×19 Glock pistols could be used for the seven match stages.

It all went perfectly, from the first to the last day, when certificates and prizes for the participants of the 2015 Glock America Workshop were handed out. Glock would like to thank all participants and members of the crew.

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This article was published in the GLOCK AUTOPISTOLS 2016 magazine. To see the rest of the issue, please visit Personaldefenseworld.com.

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