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The following is a release for the 2015 Remington Great Americans Shoot:

For only the second time ever, at least $1 million will be raised by a group of American patriots to help the Special Forces Charitable Trust (SFCT) provide meaningful and sustainable support to the Special Forces Community and their Families. Other selected military non profit organizations will also share in the proceeds.

It’s not just about how much they’re going to raise, but about how they’re going to do it.

The 2015 Remington Great Americans Shoot (RGAS15), the “Most Money Ever Raised With Guns,” will be held in Rosharon, Texas on Sept. 26. But the story is happening now, as dozens of team members from around the country raise money in order to participate in the sporting clay shoot just 30 miles outside of Houston.

There are multiple story lines, all compelling, visual and full of personality:

Team Captains from across the United States:

Each team is raising at least $50,000 and prizes are awarded not by shooting prowess, but by who raises the most money. In a unique arrangement, the Special Forces Charitable Trust gets 50 percent of all money raised, with the other 50 percent being divided among other military non profits chosen by the top-five fundraising teams.

All of the money raised goes directly to the Special Forces Charitable Trust and the winning military non-profits.

Last year’s inaugural Remington Great Americans Shoot raised $1.2 million, a record RGAS15 aims to surpass.

More information can also be found at RemingtonGreatAmericansShoot.org.

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