the 2022 action pistol national championship schedule is out!

The between Christmas and New Year’s Eve is a great time to get started planning your next shooting season. We’re here to help, so here’s a quick breakdown of the 2022 action pistol national championship schedule.

United States Practical Shooting Association National Championships

First in the 2022 action pistol national championship schedule we have the action shooting discipline USPSA. USPSA holds multiple national level matches each year, broken into different divisions. These start with Multigun Nationals, continuing afterward with the rest of the year’s matches.

  • March 30th: USPSA Multigun Nationals, Clinton South Carolina
  • May 20th: Classic Nationals (Single Stack, Revolver), Talladega Alabama
  • June 9th: 2-Gun PCC/Pistol Nationals, Palisades Colorado
  • Sep 7th: Carry Optics Nationals, Talladega Alabama
  • Sep 23rd: United States IPSC Nationals, Frostproof FL
  • Oct 11th: Open/Limited/PCC/Production Nationals, Palisades Colorado

A note regarding the United States IPSC match in September. Technically, USPSA is the United States region of the International Practical Shooting Confederation. As such, USPSA can hold a separate national championship using IPSC’s slightly different rule set.

Steel Challenge World Championship

The Steel Challenge Shooting Association, colloquially known as Steel Challenge, has one world championship match on the 2022 action pistol national championship schedule. 

International Defensive Pistol Association National Championships

As an international organization, IDPA brings several big international matches to the 2022 action pistol national championship schedule. In the past, Italy, Poland, and Kenya have hosted national level championships Obviously, the most important of these for our readers will be the United States national championship.

Other Action Pistol National Championships

While not as well attended or as well-known as IDPA, Steel Challenge, and USPSA; there are two other major handgun matches on the 2022 action pistol national calendar. NRA Action Pistol’s national championship, better known as Bianchi Cup, as well as the International Revolver Championship (IRC). The IRC is hosted by ICORE, the International Confederation of Revolver Enthusiasts. ICORE is, in fact, the only “all-revolver” shooting sport in the world.

Additionally, there’s an important note regarding the Bianchi Cup, traditionally held on Memorial Day weekend. The host facility hasn’t officially announced the dates yet, so it could change.

When you’re planning your travel and attendance at these matches, it’s important in this current time to be flexible. In the last two years, dates of matches have shifted, and some matches have been canceled outright. 

In the upcoming weeks we’ll also have schedules for rifle disciplines including the Precision Rifle Series, the National Rifle League, and the NRA bullseye national championships.

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