According to a report released today by Mexico’s cabinet level Federal Police Ministry, the SSP, organized crime and drug cartel attacks and executions have killed 2,076 policemen since President Calderon launched his offensive in December 2006.

Municipal policemen accounted for 915 deaths, followed by state policemen with 698 deaths and the federal police with 463 deaths. The total of 2,076 police deaths accounted for 7.3% of the figure of 28,228 total deaths attributed to organized crime from December 1, 2006 to July 29, 2010.

The SSP noted that Mexico has 427,354 registered police officers, of which only 38,886 are federal. The rest are state police (222,958) and municipal police (165,510).

Federal police officers are mostly PFP (federal preventive police) and are specialized in combating organized crime and drug cartels.

The police officers dedicated to investigating and prosecuting crimes in the country are the ministerial police at the federal and state level with 26,928 policemen and women for the whole country. They only constitute 6.3% of the total strength of all polices forces.

The remainder of the total strength of of all state and municipal police forces are “seguridad publica” (public security). They are tasked with basic law enforcement and deterrence and have no investigative functions.

Genaro Garcia Luna, the SSP cabinet minister, estimates that 40% of all police in the country have no effective role in law enforcement. They do not fight or deter crime nor do they protect their communities. These men and women are the most corrupted segment of police forces and many have links to organized crime. Some are active criminal participants.

The SSP added that 68,300 of the municipal police have only the most basic education,in other words they are semi-literate at best, and about two thirds of all policemen (state and municipal) in the country earn about 4,000 pesos a month (about $315)or less.

Garcia Luna recently stated that the minimum wage for a police officer to live in dignity is 10,000 pesos monthly (about $785.00).

Source: Borderland Beat

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