It was a very scary situation inside a 3rd Grade classroom at University Meadows Elementary. A gun went off inside a student’s desk, the bullet, missing the 20 or so students in the classroom and hitting a wall.

Parents rushed to pick up their kids, worried about what could have happened.

But CMS didn’t inform parents that the incident involved a loaded gun until almost two hours after school let out.

Many parents we talked to were concerned because they didn’t know exactly what was going on.

One parent told us she got the initial message from CMS, which stated, “A serious incident occurred in a University Meadows classroom this afternoon.”

But that message didn’t mention a gun.

That parent rushed to pick up her son and daughter when she found out just how serious it was.

“I actually Googled it at work and that’s when I found out, about 30 minutes prior to me getting her,” she said.

At 3:30, CMS did send another message to parents, giving them details about the gun. A spokesperson told us they didn’t want the media to alarm parents.

They say other than the addition of an extra security officer, it will be business as usual tomorrow.

“Tonight that’s a crime scene — tomorrow hopefully that will be a 3rd grade classroom here at University Meadows Elementary School,” said Area Superintendent Scott Muri.

Source: Fox Charlotte

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It was a very scary situation inside a 3rd Grade classroom at University Meadows…