We’re big fans of the “Gunner’s Fact or Fiction” YouTube series around here, so you can imagine our excitement when the latest installment dropped. As always, it features that Marine Gunner you’ve come to know and love: Chief Warrant Officer 5 Christian Wade of the 2nd Marine Division.

In this episode, CWO5 Wade wants to demonstrate when it’s most appropriate to use semi-automatic and full-automatic fire in suppressing an enemy. To do this, Wade and Cpl. Gerald Tredo, an infantryman with 3rd Battalion, 6th Marines, take turns sending rounds downrange through an M27 IAR (Infantry Automatic Rifle). Shooting distances include 5, 30 and 80 meters in both full and semi-auto fire. Wade then compares shot groups.

“So here’s the point,” Wade says at the conclusion of the video, which was filmed on Oct. 18 at Camp Lejeune. “There are some times when fully automatic fire is appropriate and effective—up close and personal, very extremely violent engagements. But at some point when you gain fire superiority, you might want to transition back over to aggressive semi-automatic.”

Watch the video above to learn more.

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