Three people are dead and two Henry County Police officers are wounded following armed standoff and shootout in Georgia recently. A combined SWAT Team involving neighboring agencies ultimately breached the home, discovering the three bodies of the deceased in house southeast of Atlanta.

A pregnant woman, her 16-year-old son, and the suspected gunman were all found dead inside the home. Henry County officials said it believed all three died from gunshot wounds. Anthony Tony Bailey, 47, Sandra Renee White, 39, and Arkeyvion White, 16, all died before SWAT officers were able to intervene, according to a Facebook post by Henry County Police.

Henry County Police Respond

However, it wasn’t without tremendous effort, as body cam footage shows several scenes of officers attempting to breach the house in the face of tremendous gunfire. Immediately upon entering the house, Officer Taylor Webb immediately receives two gunshot wounds from the suspect. Additional footage shows officers extract Webb through the garage door.

Footage shows a second officer receiver fire as he approached the front door. Also, the second officer appears to get hit right after Webb kicked in the door and took two rounds. A third officer takes a hit while posted with an AR-15 outside against a tree. After that officer goes down, footage shows him dragging himself and his carbine back to safety.

Meanwhile, inside the house, a voice believed to be the suspect, can be heard saying “don’t come in here, do not come in here.”

The standoff lasted 17 hours before SWAT officers finally entered and found the deceased victims and suspect. Police later said the suspect died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, according to a report by

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