Kyle Lamb I Am 5.11
Kyle Lamb, of Viking Tactics, was featured in the first episode of "I am 5.11" from 5.11 Tactical.

5.11 Tactical last week launched a new video series entitled “I am 5.11,” which focuses on ambassadors of the 5.11 brand.

The ongoing short video series will showcase the unique personalities that surround the 5.11 Tactical brand and rely on the gear for their daily activities.

Kyle Lamb, president and founder of Viking Tactics, was featured in the show’s debut on July 2.

In the first episode (see below), Lamb discusses his history as an American and how the gear sold at 5.11 Tactical changes from an idea into a reality.

“Folks ask us how we test this gear and make sure it’s rugged, and really, the way it gets tested is it goes with me on a daily basis,” Lamb said. “If it survives that, it’s going to be to be rugged, hard-use gear.”

The series will continue every Thursday 5.11’s its social networks until mid-August.

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