5.11 Tactical® partnered with Galpin Auto Sports to unveil the Breaching Entry Assault System Trainer on Saturday, April 28th at an invitation only, unveiling party in Van Nuys, California. The leader in tactical gear introduced “The B.E.A.S.T.” at the exclusive event attended by Los Angeles Police Department, law enforcement, media, and honored guests. LA SWAT team members assisted in the breaching demonstration while guests were able to get an up close look at The B.E.A.S.T. and 5.11’s breaching tools in action.


The B.E.A.S.T. is 5.11 Tactical’s proprietary breaching training vehicle. Known for their appearance on MTV’s Pimp My Ride, Galpin Auto Sports started with a Ford F-450 chassis to create a mobile training center for 5.11’s New Breaching Tool System. This vehicle will be used to train SWAT, law enforcement, military, fire and first responder teams across the country on effective breaching techniques utilizing 5.11 Tactical’s Expert Entry Tools with the new 5.11 Multipurpose Training Door. 5.11 partnered with Sweden Entry Tools® (S.E.T) to engineer the new line of breaching tools, MultiPurpose Training Door and Expert Entry Training Techniques to redefine the underserved tactical tool market space.


The custom rig is decked out in 5.11’s traditional web platform and trademark scope graphics. A custom lift redefines the height of the vehicle along with custom cut suspension and wheels. A super-charged turbo diesel engine ensures this training vehicle can withstand the rigors of the tactical environment. Side panels on the truck open to reveal 5.11’s exclusive breaching tools on one side and innovative tactical accessories such as flashlights, gloves, and sunglasses on the other. The rear doors open to easily access the steel 550-pound, MultiPurpose Training Door that slides out within seconds and, despite the size and weight of the door, is readily available for demonstrations


After the unveiling event, trainers with Sweden Entry Tools (S.E.T.) and 5.11 Tactical began their cross-country training trip from Los Angeles to the East Coast. The B.E.A.S.T. Trek will cover numerous department training sessions in 5 states. Key stops include the NTOA Breacher’s Symposium May 7-10 in Dallas, Texas and SOFIC on May 21 – 25 in Tampa, Florida. The 3-week trek across the country ends with SWAT and law enforcement training on the East Coast.

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