Zumwalt Class Stealth Destroyer Hits the Water
Zumwalt Class Stealth Destroyer Hits the Water

Aboard the Navy’s new Zumwalt Class Destroyer, Defense One‘s Kevin Baron notes:

“It doesn’t look like a ship. It doesn’t even feel like a ship.

The hallways are too wide. The ceilings are incredibly high. There’s barely an outdoor deck. No bridge tower. No lookout crow’s nests. Flat-screen TV mounts are everywhere. In fact, the only sign that this is a ship are the steep deck ladders and “knee-knocker” air lock doorways sailors and ironworkers duck through from bow to stern.”

Read more at http://www.defenseone.com/ideas/2013/11/inside-secret-interior-navys-first-stealth-destroyer/74321/.

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