Aaron Barruga culture shift in firearms industry
Aaron Barruga hits the range with Panteao Productions.
(Photo by Panteao Productions)

If the name “Aaron Barruga” isn’t of the household variety yet, it will be very soon.

Aaron was recently a part of our (Athlon Outdoors) “operation” at SHOT Show 2017. What initially struck us about Aaron is his authenticity.

There are a lot of different approaches in the firearms industry and Aaron — a Special Forces vet and founder of Guerrilla Approach — is a no-nonsense type of guy who still manages to not take himself too seriously. As previously mentioned, he’s a veteran, but he’s the last person to remind you of it and isn’t looking for any special recognition. He simply has the best intentions of the firearms industry in mind.

Where many industry personalities are simply that, a personality, Aaron adds valuable insight and debate in areas where they are lacking.

In his latest post, “Why I’m Optimistic About the Future of the Firearms Industry,” Aaron discusses three key points on how the culture within the industry is shifting … in a good way.

Here’s an excerpt from his post regarding “necessary disruption” within the industry:

Enter the startups, entrepreneurs, and vetrepreneurs. Although these groups possess less capital than large firms, their business models are more agile, and more importantly, for years they were the end users of industry products. Their familiarity with failure points is what sets them a part and drives forward the trends in the industry. Although we’ve reached a gear tipping point, these startups recognize the difference between manufacturing equipment that is “mission essential” and “nice but not necessary.”

To read the remainder of Aaron Barruga’s post — and we suggest that you do — head over to GuerrillaApproach.com.

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