Aaron Barruga Athlon Outdoors Tactical Field Editor

Athlon Outdoors, the leading producer of firearms and tactical media, has added Aaron Barruga as Tactical Field Editor.

Barruga, one of the premier names in the firearms industry and a respected military veteran, will contribute to Athlon Outdoors’ extensive print and digital properties, which include 24 magazines, five websites, and 18 social media channels, as well as a growing network of videos.

Following the tragedies of 9/11, Barruga, owner and founder of Guerrilla Approach LLC., enlisted in the military and served in Special Forces. Through deployments to Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Pacific theater of operations, he learned the importance of adaptability.

“Environments in the Global War on Terror were never similar; we needed to be proactive learners, and recognize that in a second everything could change,” Barruga said.

Barruga trained and executed missions with foreign commandos, police agencies, and militia fighters, and utilizes these experiences as a framework for his training methods.

“Aaron is part of the vanguard of Global War on Terror vetrepreneurs that are shaping the future of the firearms industry by sharing his lessons learned from not only success, but also failure,” said Athlon Outdoors VP/ Group Publisher and Content Director Nick Seifert. “That’s the type of forward thinking Athlon Outdoors wants to be a part of. Aaron Barruga is a rising star and one of the most experienced, interesting and intellectual people in our industry.”

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