ACU Shoulder Pocket
A look at the current ACU shoulder pocket, which opens from the top and not the sides (CREDIT:

As a result of post-combat soldier feedback, the Army is making the shoulder pockets of its ACU a little easier to use by incorporating zipper-based pockets.

Command Sgt. Maj. Doug Maddi, of PEO Soldier, told that as of 2015, the shoulder pockets will have a zipper side entry in lieu of the traditional top pockets.

The side entry will make access easier when wearing body armor, Maddi said. It will be fastened with a zipper, similar to the Army Combat Shirt and will be about an inch longer than the current ACU shoulder sleeve pockets.

“We are always looking to make our clothing and equipment better,” Maddi told via email.

Soldiers will not have to replace their current ACU top. The modified blouses will gradually phase in as older versions become unserviceable and replaced.

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