BELLEFONTAINE, OHIO ) – AcuSport Corporation, a leading distributor of shooting and hunting products and Barrett Firearms Manufacturing, located in Murfreesboro, TN, announced that AcuSport will now be a national distributor for all Barrett products.

Barrett’s pioneering spirit and their pursuit of excellence while creating the .50 Caliber rifle has resulted in their superior performance and their selection by the U.S. Military and 58 of our allies. Enthusiasts for Barrett products tout the precision and accuracy of the large caliber rifles when combined with their research and development and high quality standards, the Barrett products are a great addition to the AcuSport family of products.

The arrangement was created to utilize AcuSport’s expansive network of firearms retailers while allowing AcuSport customers to sell a unique, niche product that has supported our troops as they defend the US abroad. “AcuSport is a great choice to help distribute our products into the law enforcement and civilian market.” commented Bob Gates, Vice President of Business Development for Barrett. “The size and quality of their customer base will allow us to expand our presence in the US market.”

“The Barrett line of products will provide our customers with a great opportunity to promote and support a great brand in the market.” said Kenan Ikels, AcuSport Director of Sales and Marketing. “We are always looking for ways to bring value to our customers by providing them with profitable business opportunities.”

Based in Bellefontaine, Ohio, AcuSport Corporation is a nationwide distributor of shooting and hunting products with regional sales offices in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Minnesota, Texas, Montana and California. For retailers to place an order call 1-800-543-3150 or for additional product information visit

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