Adams Arms GB11 Conversion Kits clearance
Adams Arms Offering Clearance Bundle For GB11 Conversion Kits

Adams Arms develops products that fully support the “modern warrior.”

Well the modern warrior is getting a bargain for a limited time.

The Adams Arms .750″ Lite Gas Block GB11 Conversion Kits are going on clearance and the manufacturer only has a limited quantity left.

Adams Arms is now offering a Voodoo Barrel bundle with any GB11 Conversion Kit for a special price of $333.33. Customers can mix and match any length GB11 kit with any one of the following barrels:

  • 7.5” Pistol Length Heavy Contour 5.56
  • 11.5” Carbine Length Medium Contour 5.56
  • 14.5” Mid Length Government Contour 5.56
  • 16” Carbine Length M4 Contour 5.56
  • 16” Mid Length Government Contour 5.56

For more information on the clearance sale and other products from Adams Arms, please visit

Also, be sure to check out all of Adams Arms’ other summer specials.

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