Adaptive Tactical’s Sidewinder Venom 10-Round Rotary Magazine has made it to Hollywood.

The popular rotary magazine was featured on Fox’s TV show “Gotham,” which focuses on the origins of comic book icon Batman. The Sidewinder Venom can be seen in Season Two, Episode 19, entitled “Azrael.”

In the Gotham episode “Azrael,” Commissioner Jim Gordon and Bruce Wayne question Professor Strange about Project Chimera, which leads Strange to send the newly resurrected Galavan to confront Gordon.

Gordon can be seen confronting Galavan around the 35-minute mark with a shotgun equipped with a Sidewinder Venom 10-Round Rotary Magazine.

The Sidewinder Venom 10-Round Rotary Magazine is designed for use with the Sidewinder Venom magazine-fed shotgun system. Its lightning-fast reload action cycles 12 gauge rounds consistently and reliably for the ultimate in performance for defense, range or competition.

This ambidextrous, durable polymer, metal and composite design is available in Black, DCS A-TACS, MultiCam, Tiger Stripe – Desert Digital and Kryptek Highlander.

The 10 Round Rotary Magazine is compatible with 12 gauge 2.75” ammunition. It measures 5.5 inches high by 3.25 inches wide and 4.5 inches deep. The Sidewinder Venom weighs 1.32 pounds.

MSRP is $89.99 (black) or $109.99 (camouflage).

For more information on the Sidewinder Venom 10-Round Rotary Magazine and other products from Adaptive Tactical, please visit

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