AGIAR-15 M4 Riflesmith Course
AGI Releases DVD-Based Certified AR-15, M4 Riflesmith Course

American Gunsmithing Institute (AGI) specializes in DVD-based certification courses.

The company recently unveiled its all new Certified AR-15 / M4 Riflesmith Course.

AGI’s new certification course provides the student with a clear understanding of how to maintain and customize these rifles from start to finish. When a student successfully completes AGI’s Certified AR-15/M-4 Riflesmith course, he or she will be able to build AR rifles, tailored to fit and function the way one, or one’s customers, want them to for hunting, competition or tactical use.

AR-15 / M4 owners will seek out Certified AR-15 / M4 Riflesmiths to build 3-Gun Match competition rifles and the local SWAT Team will be asking for a tune up on their guns.

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The DVD course includes the AR-15 Complete Disassembly and Reassembly DVD, the Armorer’s Course DVD, the complete “TactiCool to PractiCool” course, which teaches all aspects of building tactical rifles, including how to select among the hundreds of AR part options, as well as the Ultimate Guide to Building AR-15s from a Parts Kit DVD and How to do a Trigger Job Step-by-Step on the AR-15 DVD.

AGI’s new Certified AR-15 / M4 Riflesmith Course delivers more than 12 hours of remastered video instruction featuring new content and comes with comprehensive notes.

The course also includes online test access, certification (upon successful completion of the online test) and the AGI Certified AR-15 / M4 Riflesmith Patch at a price less than travel, expenses and enrollment in one certification course.

The course retails for $1,297 plus shipping and handling.

For more information on the course, please visit

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