Air Force evaluation promotion systems
U.S. Air Force Col. Ron Vercher, right foreground, the commander of the 91st Missile Wing, congratulates Tech. Sgts. Christopher Jones and Chadrick Dispence on their selection for promotion to master sergeant upon completion of an exercise at the Minot Air Force Base missile field complex near Minot, N.D., May 22, 2013. The exercise was a final step in the integration of the Air Force's 91st Missile Security Forces Group and the Air National Guard's 219th Security Forces Squadron. (CREDIT: SMSgt David H. Lipp)

The Air Force announced in July that its Enlisted Evaluation and Weighted Airman Promotion Systems would see a number of changes.

The changes are scheduled for implementation from August 2014 through January 2017 and will be phased in over that period, according to a release.

The evaluation and promotion systems changes are slated for implementation in a phased manner for the Regular Air Force, or RegAF, during the next 18 months, and for the Air Reserve Components, or ARC, during the next 30 months. The announced changes focus on ensuring the Air Force accurately documents duty performance and uses it as the driving factor in selecting Airmen for promotion.

“We understand there is naturally a thirst for information on this topic,” Lt. Gen. Samuel D. Cox, deputy chief of staff for manpower, personnel and services, said in a release. “With a rollout of this magnitude, it’s important that we synchronize the release of information with implementation of the changes. We’re committed to providing clear guidance and advance notice to our Airmen, supervisors and commanders for each phase of this dynamic program; to that end, we’ve carefully scheduled a phased rollout over the next 30 months.”

The timeline is as follows:

Near term (August – October 2014):

  • Eliminate RegAF technical sergeant change of reporting official, or CRO, reports – announced Aug.15, 2014
  • Establish RegAF technical sergeants static close out date, or SCOD, of Nov. 30; announced Aug. 15, 2014
  • Publish 2015 E7 promotion testing window
  • Establish/Publish new master sergeant promotion eligibility cutoff date
  • Establish/Publish technical sergeant promotion eligibility cutoff date
  • Establish RegAF staff sergeants SCOD
  • Eliminate RegAF staff sergeant CRO reports
  • Announce changes to the WAPS calculations for E5 through E9 promotions
  • Announce new master sergeant evaluation board details
  • Announce changes to enlisted performance report calculations for SNCO promotions

Mid Term (November 2014 – March 2015):

  • Eliminate senior airman and below CRO reports
  • Establish RegAF senior airman and below SCODs
  • Release new chief master sergeant performance report (AF Form 912)
  • Eliminate RegAF and ARC chief master sergeant CRO reports
  • Establish RegAF and ARC chief master sergeants SCODs
  • Eliminate RegAF senior master sergeant CRO reports
  • Establish RegAF senior master sergeants SCOD

Spring 2015:

  • o Release new master sergeant/senior master sergeant performance report (AF Form 911)
  • Announce stratification restrictions for RegAF senior master sergeant and master sergeant reports
  • First promotion release with WAPS changes in effect (15E6)
  • Eliminate RegAF master sergeant CRO reports
  • Establish RegAF master sergeants SCOD

Summer 2015:

  • Release new RegAF airman basic through technical sergeant performance report (AF Form 910)
  • Announce force distribution guidance for RegAF airman basic – technical sergeant

Fall 2015:

  • Establish ARC senior airmen and below SCODs
  • Eliminate ARC senior airman and below CRO reports

Spring – Fall 2016:

  • Eliminate ARC senior master sergeant CRO reports
  • Establish ARC senior master sergeant SCOD
  • Eliminate ARC technical sergeant CRO reports
  • Eliminate ARC staff sergeant CRO reports
  • Establish ARC technical sergeant SCOD

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