Airbus is hoping to expand their overseas business by replacing Bell's UH-1 Huey helicopters with the UH-72 Lakota for foreign governments.

As the halcyon days of big spending on defense contracts in the United States appear to be winding down, many contractors are looking to expand their business in the international market.

According to Defense News, Airbus CEO Allan McArtor told reporters at an event marking the delivery of the 300th UH-72 Lakota to the US Army that his company might attempt to replace fleets of Bell Helicopter UH-1 Hueys — which are currently in use by a variety of foreign governments — with the Lakota.

Such a deal would be highly advantageous to Airbus. As Defense News points out, even if only 10 percent of Hueys were replaced by the Lakota globally, this would result in 600 additional helicopters being manufactured, which would generate big business for a number of years down the road.

McArtor said replacing 10 percent of Hueys with Lakotas was a “”minimum expectation” for his company going forward. Currently, Airbus has one foreign customer for the Lakota: the Royal Thai Army, who ordered six helicopters in March of 2013 at a cost of $77 million.

The Airbus CEO also touted the importance of cyber in the years ahead, stating his company’s intention “to participate somehow in that business” as it continues to grow exponentially.

As Defense News points out, Airbus might become active in the micro satellite market, and it is also working with research labs and universities to develop new technologies.

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