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They are putting a twist on the holiday, taking getting over an ex to another level. Valentine’s Day they’re hosting “Shot through the Heart,” and it’s exactly what it sounds like. If you have an ex, you can bring his picture to range and use it for target practice. If you’re going through a divorce, bring the marriage license. And if you simply just hate Valentine’s Day, bring hearts.

The targets are coming down, and anything pertaining to a bad relationship is going up.

“I think it would great for somebody to do a little payback legally,” said Greg Cundiff.

…in addition…

We’ve all had things rough in the romance department a time or two. Well this is your chance to relieve the stress caused by that ex, courtesy of 106.9 The Eagle and Hoover Tactical Firearms!

Shot through the heart is a chance for you to come out and enjoy an afternoon of safe, supervised range activity at Hoover Tactical Firearms. We like to call it “Shot Through the Heart!” The afternoon will start with a training class, then we’ll head to the range where you can relieve that stress by providing the inspirational target of your choice; love letters, old Valentine’s Day cards, or Marriage Certificates.

106.9 The Eagle will broadcast live from the event from 4-6pm.

The training class will take place from 6pm-7pm, then we’ll blow off some steam in the range from 7pm-til!

Let us know if you plan to attend “Shot Through the Heart” on Valentine’s Day with Hoover Tactical Firearms and 106.9 The Eagle by signing up HERE!

Cost is $20 and includes: The training session, Firearm of choice, range time (30 minutes max), target, and 15 free rounds.

Additional options: 10 rounds is $3.50 (380, .38 special, .45 ACP, .40 Smith and Wesson, and 9MM).

Source: Christy Hutchings for My Fox Alabama;

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