The council on Monday adopted a new law that bans discharging firearms in the city, but does not apply to the city’s police jurisdiction, the paper said. The city recently forced Alabama Tactical Shooters range located in the police jurisdiction on Wyeth Mountain to close after officials refused to issue the owner a business license. The city law in place at the time banning the discharge of firearms applied to both inside the city and in the police jurisdiction.

Source: Keith Clines for The Huntsville Times.

In addition, Malarie Haven writes The Sand Mountain Reporter:

The change comes on the heels of a highly publicized controversy involving Alabama Tactical Shooters range. Public complaints about the shooting range, formerly located on Wyeth Mountain Road, brought the 1947 ordinance to the council’s attention. After shutting down the range with the old ordinance, which requires a business license for the operation of a shooting range, council members discussed amending the ordinance to remove its enforcement in the police jurisdiction.

Modeled after a similar ordinance recently adopted by the city of Guntersville, Albert ville’s new law prohibits the discharge of firearms in the city limits except in cases of law enforcement, military parade, self-defense and no more than two turkey shoots per year.

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