Alpharetta Police chased and arrested a man driving a McLaren at speeds up to 155 mph in Georgia recently. The man initially flew past an officer in a 65-mph zone at 3 a.m., driving 105 mph.

Alpharetta Police Chase McLaren Going 155 mph

That’s when officers found the driver, Dwayne Pope, showing signs of intoxication. Pope eventually failed field sobriety tests. Police arrested Pope and charged him with DUI, speeding, failure to maintain lane and expired tags, according to

Recently released officer dash cam footage shows the chase, where the officer pushes her squad car to speeds of more than 140 mph. Footage shows both cars whip past light traffic as the officer attempts to catch up to the sports car.

The dispatch asks multiple times for the officer’s chase speed. She finally replies “In excess of a hundred.” The officer hit the lights and siren, following the suspect for quite some time before gaining any ground. All the while, the vehicle demonstrated signs of an intoxicated driver.

Suspect Hits Dangerous Speeds

“The vehicle then continued to accelerate after I activated my emergency equipment,” the officer said in a report. “The vehicle was also changing lanes without using a turn signal and weaving in and out of the traffic that it was passing. I checked the vehicle’s speed again with my radar device and the device read 155 mph.”

Whether or not the driver even noticed the officer in pursuit is unclear. In many way, it appears he was just driving completely unaware. In fact, after the chase continued for some time, the driver, without warning, rapidly stopped and pulled over.

“I reached a speed of 143 mph in my patrol vehicle and the vehicle was still pulling away from me,” the officer report explained. “The vehicle could not maintain a consistent speed, as it varied between 115 mph and 155 mph. The vehicle braked abruptly several times, but did not stop. As we passed the exit for Northridge (exit 6), the vehicle braked abruptly again and went from approximately 150 mph to 0 mph in a matter of several seconds.”

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