American Pistolsmiths Guild 2013 Raffle
American Pistolsmiths Guild 2013 Raffle

The American Pistolsmiths Guild 2013 Raffle is very proud to showcase the creative talents of Mr. Irv Stone III, President of Bar-Sto Precision and the son of one of our most beloved founding members, the late Irv Stone, Jr. Bar-Sto Precision is widely recognized as the leader of design and innovation regarding the art of the barrel maker, setting the standards of excellence, accuracy and reliability for autoloading pistols since 1961. True innovators, once again Bar-Sto Precision leads the way giving all of us a “taste of things to come”.

A new generation of customized weapon from a second generation barrel makers custom shop. The same talented hands that guide the company are the same hands that have built this amazing switch-caliber custom pistol. Our 2013 Raffle Gun demonstrates this point with a very special offering of a modern 21st Century dual-caliber high capacity match grade polymer pistol. Irv started with the hugely popular XDM 3.8 pistol from our good friends at Springfield Armory. Irv expertly fitted and tuned two different caliber barrels. One is chambered in the powerful .40 S&W cartridge, while the other is a ported, extended length 9x19mm caliber barrel. The weapons high capacity magazines can accommodate both cartridges and function beautifully and accurately, making this switch-caliber pistol both practical and desirable in many ways. As a duty style weapon or as a competitive shooters platform, and a beautifully tuned action that breaks at a remarkable 3.5 pounds! It must be felt to be believed. Although this weapon is somewhat different in it’s appearance from previous years offerings of highly embellished “spit and polish” examples of the gunmakers artistry, it is just as beautiful in its own right. Especially if you are an avid shooter. This is a shooters weapon, purposely built to be used and enjoyed by it’s owner for a long time. This is not a safe queen; this is the weapon you can rely upon to perform beautifully at the range or to protect and defend a life if called upon to do so.
A list of some of the custom features that make this weapon a very special offering include the following:

Bar-Sto Precision match grade 9X19mm and .40 S&W cal barrels, fully supported chambers, ramped in Stainless Steel; expertly fitted by the maker
Bar-Sto Precision Ambidextrous extended magazine release to enable easier and faster and more reliable magazine changes with either hand. Perfect for lefties!
Bar-Sto Precision “Guaranteed” grip safety to maximize function and reliability with all hand sizes.
Duty/Target action tuning at a crisp and smooth 3.5 lbs. for accuracy and ergonomic enhancement.
Slide top and slide heel serrations to reduce glare and present a neat professional appearance of a modern gunfighters weapon.
Dawson Precision black serrated rear sight and Tritium front night sight.
Bar-Sto Precision’s own grip reduction process and combat grip textured surface treatment to greatly enhance both ergonomics and weapon retention to a new level. It must be felt to be believed!

This custom project also includes the following accessories to round out a perfect package for the lucky winner:

A rugged black polymer tactical style security container, with provisions to padlock and secure your weapon from any unauthorized curiosity seekers.
4 each 16 round stainless steel hi-capacity magazines in .40 cal (works with the 9X19mm).
Molded tactical polymer holster.
4. Light rail accessory adapter.
Dual magazine belt mounted molded polymer carrier.

Ticket sales are still $20.00 per individual numbered ticket. Please make checks payable to APG or American Pistolsmiths Guild.

All ticket sales will be personal check or money orders only this year. It is simply not possible for us to process credit cards transactions and mail ticket stubs and keep our ticket cost at $20.00. We felt it was more important to keep cost in line and enable anyone an affordable opportunity to win.
You may mail your donations via US Postal to the following address for processing and please allow a week to ten days to receive your tickets.
Help us to serve you! Please be certain to include your contact information, i.e. e-mail address (if possible), telephone number, and mailing address. It is very difficult to send a ticket to an unknown address, which as you can guess has happened.

Please send your donations to the following address:
American Pistolsmiths Guild
3775 Foskett Road
Medina, Ohio 44256

All current laws shall apply for both Federal and local regarding transfer of a Handgun. The winner may be responsible for any local or State taxes. We will hold our drawing of the winning ticket on 20 December 2013 and you need not be present to win. The winner will be contacted as soon as the drawing is held with the win posted on As always the winner shall remain confidential unless they wish for us to announce their personal information.

The annual American Pistolsmiths Guild raffle is the sole source of funding for our Gunsmithing Scholarship Assistance Fund. Every donation provided by your loyal support certainly does make a real difference to selected talented and deserving, hard working students of the gunsmithing trade. With your support we are helping to preserve our unique American Heritage and help to improve the quality of the gunsmith that may some day work on your prized heirloom sidearms.

All of the members of The American Pistolsmiths Guild wish you the best of luck and our most sincere thanks in advance for a successful raffle gun program this year.

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