Robert Smith Brevard County Sheriff's Office
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Former Marine Robert Smith dreamed of being a law enforcement officer from a very young age.

That dream got a lot tougher in May 2008 when Smith had a leg amputated above the knee after a roadside bomb exploded in the Iraqi city of Fallujah, according to Florida Today.

But Smith’s dream wasn’t gone.

… He met with Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey, who told him if he could pass police academy and the BCSO physical test, he’d have a chance at becoming a deputy. He graduated from Eastern Florida State College. He finished the physical test — which includes a 400-yard run, hurdles, low crawls, and dragging a 150-pound mannequin 40 yards — in under four minutes, according to a post Ivey made on Facebook.

Smith was sworn in earlier this month. After he completes training, he’ll be on road patrol.

“If you were injured overseas, you lost a limb, you lost two limbs, your life’s not over,” Smith told Florida Today. “You could still go and pursue whatever dreams you wanted to do before you joined the military.”

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