With high-profile mass shootings in the news recently, anti-gun politicians and advocates are pushing for more gun control. Specifically, the left is coming after so-called assault rifles. Again. Last year, an anti-2A veterans group put out a video that admonished civilian ownership of America’s rifle.

Aside from being asinine is so many ways, the video sends a disingenuous message. The video paints military veterans as anti-gun and having what amounts to a pretty weak understanding of the M16, M4 and the civilian AR-15. From the vets on this staff, to the countless in the firearms industry, to the millions nationwide, we’re guessing most will not appreciate this characterization.

Angry Cops Calls Out Anti-2A Veteran Group

Stated quite simply, it’s a load of crap. An agenda-driven piece of propaganda that uses our veteran community, by reputation and name, to push a radical political agenda. And our favorite YouTube personality, Richard Hy, or Angry Cops, clearly feels the same way.

While the video is more than year old, it’s nevertheless timely again with a renewed push for banning semi-auto rifles. And Drill Sgt. Hy comes through in star-spangled red, white and blue, shredding this anti-2A veteran group. And the YouTuber immediately calls the veterans to task over mis-identifying the M16 as an assault rifle, and then applying that characterization to the civilian AR-15.

“Wrong, the M4 is a carbine, not an assault rifle,” Hy explains. “An assault rifle is just a term used by civilians who don’t know anything about guns.”

The veterans then pivot to yet another popular talking point from the anti-gun left: the power and speed of the AR-15. “I know the power of this weapon first-hand,” a veteran say ominously.

“Power?” “I used to put the buttstock of my M4 against my junk and fire it off in front of privates to show them not to be afraid of the recoil. … It’s a varmint hunting round … It’s a .22 with more powder behind it!

Hy then wraps it up succinctly: “It’s your ability as a shooter that determines the speed and accuracy of the rounds fired downrange.”

Above all, this video pretends to show the veteran community, with its intimate knowledge of this firearm, is decidedly against it being in civilian hands. But Angry Cops disposes of this farce, as only he can.

“I’m Drill Sgt. Hy, and these idiots don’t speak for me.”

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