WARNING: The above video contains graphic language … and it’s amazing. However, viewer discretion advised.

Our favorite angry police officer is at it again, with the latest post from YouTuber Angry Cops. In this video, our hero falls subject to the one force of nature no one want to come home to: a drill instructor. To make matter’s worse, in this parody, it’s a drill sergeant wife.

We have veterans on staff here at Tactical Life. And without hesitation, just about every veteran would tell you they thought their drill instructor harnessed a special kind of crazy. In fact, if there was a close circuit camera constantly filming drill instructors at boot camp, it would be the most popular show on television. That show would not be family friendly, however.

Drill Sergeant Wife Smokes Angry Cops

In this video, the drill instructor wife gives us a sense of what it’s like for the DI to come home to an “unsat” husband. She immediately rips into him for being late, for not having dinner ready. “Are you f’n kidding me!” she yells, an explosion of rage and fury as she bursts through the door. Yeah, that took us back.

“Chicken,” Angry Cop frontman Richard Hy, an Army veteran, replied. “Chicken,” the only feeble word the “recruit” could muster. Think that’s ridiculous? We once watched a recruit so struck with terror fail to give his Marine Corps drill instructor his own name. When asked repeatedly, “This recruit don’t know,” remained his only reply. Yep, those drill instructors can melt your mind into butter.

This drill sergeant wife expertly bum rushes the recruit by invading his personal space. Her use of knife hands were expertly delivered like a kung fu master. And her coup de grace, the most dreaded words in any recruits life, the backwards countdown. “Ten, nine, eight, seven …”

You do not want her to finish counting before you complete that task. You do not. Poor Angry Cop, hang in there little buddy. And remember, drink water and stay motivated.

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