YouTuber “Angry Cops” has a unique perspective on firearms training, and we love it. In this video, he goes after a controversial shooting instructor: The infamous Voda Consulting. And man, was it funny.

In this post, “Angry Cops” creator Richard Hy, an Army veteran and law enforcement officer, pulls no punches when he criticizes a Voda Consulting video that gives some dubious advice. In the Voda video, Michael D. Thervil — or Lucien R. Black (he apparently goes by many names) — breaks down how to handle a traffic stop while carrying concealed.

This is where things get, ahem, unconventional. Thervil, or Black, or Master Voda — whatever you want to call him — explains that during a stop he draws his pistol, takes out the magazine, and locks the slide to the rear before putting the pistol on the dash.

The Angry Cops Perspective

“This is what it’s gonna look like when you roll up to my car. My gun is on the dash, action open, magazine in the f*cking seat,” Voda explains to the videographer. This is also where “Angry Cops'” Hy loses his mind.

“No, no!” he screams. “Do you want to get shot? Cause that’s how you end up getting shot. How do you think that this is gonna look when a cop pulls you over?”

Hy then goes into a wonderful sarcastic sequence of firearm manipulations, superfluous slide racking, suspicious whistling and ridiculous facial expressions.

“This is what you do,” he continues. “Nothing, you do nothing!” Sit there with your hands on the wheel, and don’t make a move. Let ’em know you’ve got a gun. Don’t go reaching for it … (with another round of ridiculous slide racking) … like an idiot!”

Voda Consulting puts out training techniques and advice that is regularly blasted by more respected instructors. Voda videos in particular are often the subject of passionate attacks from well-known trainers and fans alike. Meanwhile, “Angry Cops” takes a light-hearted approach, with a YouTube channel full of videos that often support the 2nd Amendment or highlight military, law enforcement and gun culture.

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