The man who bought the truckload of guns is Tom Trenez. Tom owns “The Rhine Group” in Ankeny, Iowa.

You may remember that the ArmaLite Truckload of Guns sale sparked plenty of publicity. So did the accompanying Truckload of Guns Contest. Thousands of people tried to guess how many AR-10 boxes could fit in the back of our truck. The story was followed by TV stations across the US. It went VIRAL on the internet and was in newspapers from tiny Geneseo to Australia and back! Six people guessed correctly that 168 AR-10 boxes fit in our truck. Their names were put in a hat and the grand prize winner was picked at random. That grand prize was a complete upper of ArmaLite’s new SPR Mod 1.


ArmaLite sold a truckload of rifles. And the guy who bought them gets to keep the big “deuce and a half” military truck for free.

Most of this truck is filled with AR10 Super S.A.S.S. rifles. S.A.S.S. stands for Semi-Automatic Sniper System. These SASS’s aren’t green or black. The furniture is tan. We haven’t had tan SASS’s out in this quantity in quite a while. We boxed them up this morning. This afternoon, the deuce and a half backed up to the loading dock and we started piling in the guns. When we were done, the big truck roared away down Interstate-80.

mod-1-midlength-angle-rightSPR Mod 1

Here’s more about the new SPR Mod 1:

The SPR Mod 1 is a forged, one-piece upper receiver/rail system with exclusive detachable side and bottom rails. That’s right, you can change your 1913 rails to fit your changing needs for sights… lights… lasers… grips… or swivels.

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The man who bought the truckload of guns is Tom Trenez. Tom owns “The…