Incredible footage out of South Africa shows an attempted armored car heist in dramatic fashion. Even more remarkable, the armored car driver displays equally incredible nerves, staying on the wheel as the car takes heavy fire with bullets even impacting the driver’s side window.

South African Driver Fights Off Armored Car Heist

The footage comes from Pretoria, located just north of Johannesburg. The incident took place April 22, reported An onboard dash cam captures the entire harrowing scene, highlighted by incredible bravery by the driver.

Footage begins with the sound of gunfire. Suddenly the driver-side window spider webs, an impact striking the bulletproof glass. Then the hijacker’s vehicle attempts to PIT the armored car. Volley after volley of rounds impact the cab of the armored car. The driver quickly hands an AR-type rifle to other guard, preparing him to fight.

“They are coming after us,” the driver says.

The driver then makes a U-turn, stomping on the gas. “They are going to shoot. They are going to f*cking shoot,” the driver says. More shots ring out on the footage. Now bullet impacts strike the passenger window as well.

“F*cking shoot him,” the driver says. The driver continues making evasive maneuvers with the vehicle. Finally, the vehicle comes to a stop. The driver then grabs the rifle from the other guard and disembarks the vehicle.

“The suspects fire several shots at the CIT vehicle in an attempt to stop it during a high-speed chase,” said Police Spokesman Brigadier Vishnu Naidoo, reported “The driver of the CIT vechile managed to evade the robbers for a while, but later stopped in wait for the robbers.”

Upon seeing the driver with a rifle at the ready, the group reportedly fled. No arrests have been made, reported

What we’re not sure of is how the other guard managed to sit alongside the driver in the front seat … because there’s surely a massive set of stones in there somewhere.

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