Army MRV Ground Vehicle Network

The U.S. Army wants to rollout a new ground vehicle network that will improve multiple areas of technology on its mine-resistant vehicles.

The new network architecture “will allow platforms to more easily share information, reduce weight and save power,” according to National Defense Magazine.

The demonstrations will be the first big test of the Vehicular Integration for C4ISR/EW Interoperability initiative. More commonly known as VICTORY, the effort comprises a new network architecture and specifications aimed at facilitating better interoperability between ground vehicles and their communications, command-and-control, computing and surveillance (C4ISR) equipment.

… The Oshkosh-built MAT-V is slated to be the first tactical wheeled vehicle to integrate a VICTORY-compliant backbone. If all goes well at the NIE, the fleet will begin transitioning to this configuration in fiscal year 2017, Watson said. The Army fleet of Humvees and family of medium tactical vehicles will follow, with demonstrations slated for 2016 and integration beginning in 2018.

“We feel that if we get it in front of some soldiers and let them ride around [in] the vehicle … and demonstrate some operational vignettes, then by doing so we will have demonstrated to Army leadership the utility of VICTORY,” Lt. Col. Brian E. Watson, chief of platform integration for program executive office combat support and combat service support, told National Defense Magazine.

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