The U.S. Army and Education Center will soon begin showing a collection of rare World War I medals.

The U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center (USAHEC) at Carlisle Barracks, Pa. will soon begin displaying a collection of rare World War I medals, including the Medal of Honor.

On Nov. 6, The Army Heritage and Education Center received a package from Edward A. Allworth. The package contained eight medals earned by his father, and a note from Allworth that read, “In this transmission to you, I send, for the Center and its Museum, the following eight decorations awarded around the end of World War I to Edward Christopher Allworth in honor of his actions in France and Germany during that conflict.”

The World War I Medal of Honor is a significant artifact, as there were only 90 awarded to the Army out of a 119 total to all U.S. Forces, said Jack Leighow, Army Heritage Museum Director. It was an unexpected donation and we will be able to rotate it into the exhibit after a conservation review and cataloging into the Army Historical Collection Accountability System, he said.


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