Army Contracting Command issued a sources sought notice for an updated version of the Remington M870 Modular Combat Shotgun.

The notice, which was posted in late May, refers to the proposed shotgun as the “M870-24979.” This new configuration would remove the 10-inch and 14-inch barrels, along with several other components, from the standard MCS setup. The shotgun is to include the following:

M870-24979 MCS

One (1) M870 Receiver
18″ “duty” barrel w/ Rem Choke
Magazine tube extension +3
Long Magazine spring (for 14″ and 18″ barrels)
Barrel Accessory Rail System (BARS) for use with the 14″ and 18″ barrels
Improved choke (IC)
Tactical sling
Removable fixed length Speedfeed pistol grip tactical stock
Choke wrench
Operator manual

Army Contracting Command is careful to point out that it does not intend to award a contract based on this RFI. Rather, it is using the notice for “planning purposes only.” Essentially, it’s conducting market research to ID potential sources for the “M870-24979” Modular Combat Shotgun, with all the accessories listed above.

Interested parties had until June 24 to respond to the notice with a summary of delivery capabilities, as well as a description of the ability to manufacture the weapon system.

Standard M870

Here’s a description of the M870 Modular Combat Shotgun, from the Remington Defense website:

Multiple specialized shotguns in one, the Model 870 Modular Combat Shotgun (MCS) is the ultimate choice for virtually any close-range scenario. Modifications are made rapidly without tools thanks to the REM LOC Quick-Change Stock System, truly a revolutionary design for professionals who need to adapt on the fly.

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