Roughly 40 paratroopers from 4th Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division, stationed in Anchorage, Alaska, recently conducted their first exercise north of the Arctic Circle. According to Army Times, the exercise, dubbed Operation Spartan Pegasus, simulated a search and rescue mission for a downed aircraft.

The paratroopers jumped into Deadhorse, Alaska, which is nearly 500 miles north of Fairbanks in Alaska’s North Slope Borough. The temperature was 35 degrees below zero (wind chill included) at the time of the jump on Tuesday.

As Army Times reports, the paratroopers met up with two Small Unit Support Vehicles and made their way to the crash site. Working in conjunction with two Alaska Guard medevac crews, the unit brought the crew of the downed plane to safety.

By contrast, the unit recently went to Thailand to take part in Cobra Gold 2014 military exercise, where temperatures reached the 90s with 90 percent humidity.

The two simulated operations “demonstrate the great capability the brigade has,” Maj. Mark Wade said. “And the airborne brigade in Alaska is showing we can assist the state in times of need or crisis.”

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