Alejandro Villanueva Pittsburgh Steelers
Alejandro Villanueva during his days with Army (CREDIT: JUSTIN HAYWORTH/THE DES MOINES REGISTER)

Alejandro Villanueva still hasn’t cracked the Pittsburgh Steelers’ gameday roster from the practice squad, but the former U.S. Army Ranger continues to make an impact on his team.

The Bronze Star recipient was named as an honorary captain for Monday night’s showdown against the Tennessee Titans. He took the coin toss with the other captains and spent the game on the sideline with the rest of his teammates.

According to Behind the Steel Curtain’s pregame report:

It’s hard to find anyone with a more diverse or impressive background than the West Point graduate. The Steelers are sending a message of appreciation on Monday, allowing Villaneuva the opportunity to travel with the team and serve as the team’s honorary captain prior to the Steelers vs. Titans game.

Villanueva’s chances of making the Steelers’ roster aren’t great, but the presence of a decorated military veteran has to serve as some level of inspiration. Perhaps that’s part of the reason he’s accompanying the team for this game.

The result of Villanueva’s presence? A 27-24 comeback win for the Steelers.

The 6-foot-9 Villaneuva joined the Steelers’ organization at the end of August after being cut by the Philadelphia Eagles. He played on the defensive line for the Eagles before switching to the offensive line in Pittsburgh.

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