Scorpion W2 camo pattern
Scorpion W2 camo pattern

The United States Army has reportedly selected a new camouflage pattern.

Anonymous sources confirmed that the unpopular Universal Camouflage Pattern (UCP) currently used in the Army’s combat uniform will be replaced by the Scorpion W2 pattern developed by Army Natick labs, Army Times said. reports that Sgt. Major of the Army Raymond Chandler III has been briefing senior sergeants major throughout the Army about the new pattern for the Army Combat Uniform.

According to Army Times, Scorpion W2 is derived from the originally Scorpion pattern developed in 2002 by Crye Precision, the company that manufactures MultiCam. The Army almost replaced UCP with MultiCam late last year, but talks with Crye broke down over money.

Scorpion W2’s “color palette of muted greens, light beige and dark brown resembles MultiCam, the pattern used by soldiers deploying to Afghanistan,” Army Times said. “However, Scorpion W2 uses fewer beige and brown patches and none of the vertical twig and branch elements later added for MultiCam.”

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