U.S. Army jungle radio
The U.S. Army wants a radio that will improve communications through the thick jungle canopy.

For soldiers who find themselves in the midst of jungle warfare, radio communication can be a serious problem thanks to surrounding conditions. The U.S. Army is currently searching for ways to strengthen its radio frequency in jungle conditions so that soldiers can remain on the digital grid during vital times, according to the Department of Defense Small Business Innovation Research website.

The deep jungle canopy forms a natural radio frequency barrier blocking transmissions both into and out of the biologic mass. Personnel operating in this environment are frequently limited by connectivity and positional data is substandard.

The Army is searching for a wireless or tethered radio with a bandwidth between 2-60 MHz. The most important aspect of the Army’s request is to “reduce the dwell time at a particular location while providing the capability to transmit/receive on the move, or with minimum delay.” The new radio must be capable of sending a transmission from the jungle floor through the upper canopy to a “communications link interface,” whether it be antenna or satellite, and back down to the troops on the ground.

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