ASPCA Teams with Kansas City PD to Combat Dog Fighting

Dog fighting specialist Terry Mills recently taught a special course at the Kansas City (MO) Regional Police Department.

More than a dozen police and animal control officers learned new ways to investigate dog fighting.

“It’s probably the most barbaric, egregious, animal cruelty that a dog can go through,” said Terry Mills, Blood Sports Director of the ASPCA.

Earlier this year, he helped rescue more than 100 dogs in a three-state dog fighting raid.

“It went from Kansas City, KS., received 47 dogs in Missouri, in Harrison County Missouri, and that led to a fight that was about to happen in Tyler, TX. And the FBI took it off right before the fight was about to happen,” said Mills.

Because of that and other recent situations, the ASPCA decided to partner with the Kansas City Police Department to train officers.


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