An Athens-Clarke Police Officer was forced to shoot a suspect when responding to domestic violence call earlier in October. Body cam footage shows the suspect pull out a machete and take a wild swing at the officer, who shot and dropped the suspect.

Athens-Clarke Police Shoots Man Wielding Machete

Recently released officer body cam footage shows the entire incident, which took place on Oct. 5, go down. In the footage, the officer, identified as Officer Roger Williams, tells the suspect several times to “Get your hand out of your pocket.” But rather than comply, the suspect, 28-year-old Salvador Salazar turns and begins walking away.

Officer Williams keeps after the suspect, calmly warning the man repeatedly to get his hand out of his pocket and to stop. But the suspect continues acting suspicious. Salazar finally turns his body, hiding his hand, before he pulls out a giant machete and takes a wild swing at the officer. But Williams proves quick on his feet, dodging the slash, before firing several rounds at the suspect, ending the threat.

Williams appears to fire three rounds at the suspect. Salazar falls to the ground, but the video shows him remain stubborn and defiant. He appears to try desperately to not go all the way down, still clutching to the machete.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation announced Salazar would be charged with aggravated assault, reported Meanwhile, the suspect remains in an area hospital, listed in serious condition, according to

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